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SSI Dive Guide

The SSI Dive Guide course is designed for individuals who want to develop the skills and confidence to lead dives comfortably without pursuing a full Dive Master certification or working professionally in the industry. This course is perfect for those who simply want to guide friends and family around dive sites with assurance and competence.

The SSI Dive Guide course provides comprehensive training in dive leadership, safety, and navigation techniques. Participants will learn how to effectively plan and organize dives, lead groups underwater, and navigate various dive environments with ease. The course covers essential topics such as dive site selection, risk assessment, emergency procedures, and proper communication techniques.

One of the key advantages of the SSI Dive Guide course is its flexibility. It allows divers to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge without committing to a full professional certification. This means you can gain the confidence to lead dives while still enjoying diving as a recreational activity.

Throughout the course, participants will receive hands-on training and guidance from experienced dive instructors. Practical exercises and scenarios will help divers develop the necessary skills to lead dives safely and responsibly.

Upon successful completion of the SSI Dive Guide course, participants will receive certification as an SSI Dive Guide. This certification demonstrates their ability to lead dives in a recreational setting and provides recognition of their leadership skills within the diving community.

Whether you aspire to lead dives for your friends and family or simply want to enhance your diving skills and confidence, the SSI Dive Guide course offers the perfect opportunity to achieve your goals without committing to a full professional career in the diving industry.

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The prerequisites for the SSI Dive Guide course are as follows:

  1. Minimum Age: Candidates must be at least 15 years old to enroll in the Dive Guide course.

  2. Diving Experience: Candidates must have a minimum of 40 logged dives and 25 hours of dive time to begin the course. This requirement ensures that participants have sufficient experience underwater before taking on the responsibilities of a Dive Guide.

  3. Specialty Course Certifications:

    • SSI Deep Diving (or equivalent): Candidates must hold a certification in deep diving, which covers the knowledge and skills necessary for diving to depths beyond the recreational limit of 18 meters (60 feet).

    • SSI Navigation (or equivalent): Candidates must hold a certification in underwater navigation, which covers techniques for navigating underwater environments using a compass and natural landmarks.

    • SSI Night & Limited Visibility (or equivalent): Candidates must hold a certification specifically focused on diving in low light conditions or limited visibility environments, such as night diving or diving in murky water.

    • SSI Stress & Rescue (or equivalent): Candidates must hold a certification in stress and rescue techniques, which covers skills for managing and responding to emergency situations underwater, as well as providing assistance to other divers in distress.

These prerequisites ensure that candidates have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge in areas such as deep diving, navigation, night diving, and emergency response to safely and effectively lead dives as a Dive Guide.

Prospective participants should ensure they meet all prerequisites before enrolling in the Dive Guide course, as meeting these requirements will contribute to a successful and fulfilling learning experience.

Price will vary depending on certification level. Please contact us. 
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