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Cruise Ship Diving
Made Easy 

If you are arriving to St Vincent for a day and your cruise ship does not offer diving then do not worry we have you covered!


We can pick you up from the cruise ship terminal and have all your equipment ready on the boat for you! We will take you out for some beautiful diving and have you back with lots of time before your departure.


Just get in touch and we will send you our online waiver form for you to fill in. This will allow us to have all the information we would need to pick you up on the day and take you straight out for some dives.

On the day we typically pick people up at 9:15am from the cruise terminal and then return around 1pm. If your ship is on a different schedule and you require a later departure then please just let us know and we can hopefully arrange a more suited time for you.

Pick up will be with our boat from a small dock on the cruise ship pier. As you come out of the main building you will see a blue bench on the left. This will be the meeting point in the morning. Just to the side of that is the dock for smaller boats, this is where the boat will come in.

We understand travelling to new places can be stressful, so If you have any questions or concerns then you can always call, whatsapp or email us, and we will get back to you very soon.

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