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Open Water Diver

Embark on your underwater journey with confidence through our globally recognized PADI and SSI Open Water courses. These certifications open the doors to dive destinations worldwide, ensuring you're equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to explore the depths safely and responsibly. With both our PADI and SSI accreditations, you'll join a community of divers worldwide both programs equips you with the skills and knowledge to confidently be licensed to dive to depths of up to 60 feet or 18 meters alongside a dive buddy or under a dive operation's supervision.


Here's how the course unfolds:

Begin your journey by delving into the theoretical aspects of diving through convenient eLearning platforms. Dive into the book work online at your own pace, ensuring completion before diving into the practical elements.


Then join us at our dive shop, where you'll plunge into the pool to master essential skills, emergency procedures, and equipment setup and maintenance under the guidance of our experienced instructors.


Once you've aced the pool sessions, it's time to take your newfound skills into the open water. You will embark on four dives, starting with shore dives before venturing into the depths from our boat. Each dive combines skill practice with reef exploration alongside your instructor. Get ready to unlock the wonders of the underwater world and embark on a lifelong adventure with our Open Water course.

The course can take 2-3 days of in person training.   

For PADI, acquire your eLearning material simply by purchasing it  directly from their website and you can get started right away.


On the other hand, SSI streamlines the process by including eLearning in the course fee. To get started, register online, and we'll grant you access to all the course materials you need.


Remember, regardless of which platform you choose, be sure to select Dive Antilles as your dive shop to ensure seamless tracking of your progress.

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