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Have your kids discover the wonders of the underwater world with our Bubblemaker experience, designed specifically for 8-10 year olds who are eager to explore scuba diving! While our formal dive courses require a minimum age of 10, young adventurers can still embark on an exciting journey beneath the waves with us. At our dive shop, we introduce them to the basics of dive equipment in a fun and engaging way, ensuring all their curious questions are answered. Then, it's off to the pool where they'll be fitted with kid-sized dive gear, experiencing the exhilaration of breathing underwater for the first time. After which they will be guided by our experienced instructors, to explore the shallow beach waters, encountering vibrant reef and colorful fish. Safety is our top priority, with instructors closely monitoring the child and providing assistance whenever needed. Our Bubblemaker experience not only introduces youngsters to the joys of scuba diving but also fosters a lifelong love for the ocean and its inhabitants.

Looking for an exhilarating way to celebrate your child's birthday or a special occasion? Our Kids Scuba Bubblemaker Experience is the perfect choice! Imagine the joy on their faces as they explore the wonders of the underwater world in a safe and supervised environment. Whether it's a birthday bash or a memorable gathering, this experience promises fun and adventure for all. Just ensure that all participants are over the age of 8 to fully enjoy the experience. Contact us today for more details and make your event one to remember!

Price: $75USD per child
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