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Advanced Diver

Embark on the journey to enhance your diving skills with our Advanced Open Water Diver course. Designed to elevate your expertise, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of various underwater activities and specialties. Throughout the program, you'll delve into navigation techniques, master buoyancy control, experience the thrill of deep diving, and customize your learning with three specialty dives of your choice – akin to a specialty sampler platter tailored to your preferences.

The course comprises five adventure dives, each focusing on specific activities or skills, serving as the foundation for future specialty diver courses. While the deep adventure dive and underwater navigation dive are mandatory, the remaining three dives allow you the freedom to select areas that pique your interest the most.

With the flexibility to choose from a range of specialties, you can tailor your diving education to align with your passions and aspirations.


The course can be completed over two days, providing a convenient and immersive learning experience. Prior to beginning the course, completion of the Elearning component is required, ensuring you're fully prepared to dive into the adventure that awaits. Elevate your diving skills and uncover new underwater horizons with our Advanced Open Water Diver course.


For PADI, acquire your eLearning material simply by purchasing it  directly from their website and you can get started right away.


On the other hand, SSI streamlines the process by including eLearning in the course fee. To get started, register online, and we'll grant you access to all the course materials you need.


Remember, regardless of which platform you choose, be sure to select Dive Antilles as your dive shop to ensure seamless tracking of your progress.

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